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Welcome to Blue Knight Cigars

Who We Are

We are cigar aficionados, brothers and sisters of the leaf.

Since we begun this journey of supplying your name  branded cigars at affordable pricing, the whole cigar community has been exceptional to us. This drive has led us to ensure all our customers get the service, the quality, and education you need to enjoy a cigar, or two.


How Our Story Started

It started January 2018. When our founder hired a cigar shop to make custom labels for his sons birthday to hand out to the parents and families. The process was long and frustrating to say the least.

After a few weeks of working with that  shop, the end result and customer service was less then impressive.

Not having  a product to be proud of, our founder and his wife took it upon themselves to redo the labels just a day before their sons party.

The end result was not only what they had imagined, but the process, and the feed back received was better then they would have thought.

From that moment forward, the decision was made, start our custom cigar label company with one goal in mind: Provide the customer with the best customer service and give them exactly what they ask for at a price that anyone can afford, and still make profit.

From then Blue Knight Cigars has been involved in many weddings, graduations, private parties and baptism, poker nights, its a boy or girl reveals etc.


We Shifted To Selling Cigars

We came across many clients who wish they could  smoke some of the best cigars this world has to offer, but one thing keeps them from doing so, cost of premium cigars.

We come up with matrix that works,  we are able to bring you affordable prices for a few reason one being we, at this time, do not own or lease a brick and mortar store, just in over head we are saving you tons of money. Inventory is stored in humidors and controlled daily for optimum quality without having the use of big commercial humidors.

Our suppliers love us, for one simple reason, we share the same vision. Cigars and brands sell themselves, but willingness to be there for you is our goal,our service is selling. We are reachable 24 hr a day via phone or email, we are able to get any brand, if it is still in production, within a few weeks, and we deliver if your within our range.


"I drink a great deal. I sleep a little, and I smoke cigar after cigar. That is why I am in two-hundred-percent form."
—Winston Churchill